Day 12 – The Iceman!

Day 12 – The Iceman!

If i had to name one person that i have never met, but has actively impacted my Way of thinking, my mindset towards cold and hot and my life in general that would be Wim Hof.

He holds various 20 world records, the longest ice bath of 1 hour, 52 minutes, climbed Everest in shirts and shoes and run a marathon in the desert without water. Wim also founded his own method for training towards breathing, cold and immune system and maybe his biggest contribution is that he got closer the eastern way of pro-active taking care of your body and mind with the western scientists. He is working close with a lot of western Universities, so whatever he states, is not just crazy ideas of an old man who lost his wife cause of Schizophrenia, but rather proved information of how and why his methods work.

My story with Wim

Some 4 years ago, i suffered 5 times from tonsillitis within 2 months time. I visited 4 doctors, took a lot of medicine -which i hate- i came to a serious decision: I will either face it with a physical way, or i will remove my tonsils. After all, a lot of medicine do more bad than good to yourself.

At the end of December of 2017, after my 5th wave of tonsillitis just passed , a very good friend sent me the following interview that i watched the same night with big focus. There it was, one good friend lying next to you every day and you just ingore him: Cold water.

Literally the next day, i started my 20 days challenge towards Cold. Every day, 1 minute of cold shower. And as as Wim states:

One cold shower per day keeps the doctor away.

4 years later, i enjoy going to the beach all year long, no matter the weather, i treat Cold more than a friend that something i hate and guess what: i have never been sick since December 2017 and i have not taken a single medicine. To clarify myself, i am not against medicine or something. I just believe it should really be the last resort and not the first way and we must more work in pro-actively empowering our immune system rather than waiting for a problem in order to take care of it.

Thanks Wim.

“Let your body do, what your body is capable of doing”

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  1. I finish all morning showers on cold for at least one minute. It helps me mentally and physically prepare for whatever the day has in store for me.

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