Day 62 – My current finish line, The Ironman

Day 62 – My current finish line, The Ironman

Last weeks i have been struggling into really keeping up with this blogging challenge and i actually to stop it.

There are two main reasons for that.

  1. I found out that i was more anxious than happy into blogging every day. I have had too many things into my mind, that i just felt i was over flooding my day with something that it stopped being funny. To be honest in the future, if i keep blogging i will keep that something like 1 time per week. The daily thing i was feeling lately, is i was more often than not forcing myself doing it that being really into it.
  2. And now we come to maybe the main reason behind that. Although i have been training a lot last months and i completed two half iron man races in September and October, now i have decided to go into the next step and fulfill a many years dream i have had.

    Participate and complete a full ironman race, aka 3.8km swim, 180km bicycle and 42km running. Now last weeks things became official. I will take part on the 10th of July into the full IronMan of Switzerland. And when it comes in shifting priorities, oh boy, that’s a big one. Sleeping 20 minutes earlier for me is more important than keep blogging and dedicated my extra time in either technical details between swimming, biking, running and nutrition became a higher priority.

After all, life is about making plans that will move you forward, but being able to change gears or shift your focus in whatever matters at the time is equally important. And my current priority is very clear. So, 62 days it is.

Let’s goooo! 🙂

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