Day 60 – Rule no10, We are born to be happy, healthy and strong

Day 60 – Rule no10, We are born to be happy, healthy and strong

This is something that i first heard of from the Guy, Wim Hof. I had talked about him earlier and his amazing achievements. But this one is really unique. It diversifies the importance of choices, of understanding that however low you can be in your life or in your mental world, we all share the same meaningful life: being happy, healthy and strong.

This is a very important realization and acknowledgement that everyone should make, because it gives you a very important asset to move forward. We all share the same roots of life, but somehow some people lost their Path and become ignorant. Stopped having a meaning in their lives.

For me it started as simple as realizing that our purpose of life is just, Be Happy. But going one step further and realizing that healthiness and strong-ness comes all as one along the way is equally important to make you fight your everyday morning mirror and achieve the small Wins that will lead you in your Everest.

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