Day 59 – Rule no9, Be present

Day 59 – Rule no9, Be present

We live in a society with amazing opportunities and incredible amount of information. We also live in the social media storm, where notifications, news, messages are triggered more often than ever before. The challenges a modern person that wants to keep evolving has to face are actually two:

1. What should i prioritize to learn? Where should i spent me time to.

2. How to stay focused on whatever i do.

It’s no surprise that latest, applications that “teach” you small meditation practices or learning you how to stay more focused are rising and keep flooding appstore and playstore.

This is actually a challenge i am personally facing as well. I have been using different techniques to work this out, but so far what is working for me, is setting up a morning routine with sport and breathing exercise along with cutting up some notifications to let you stay focused on one thing at the time.

I personally was never big fun of multitasking and have seen the one thing at the time makes you give real quality in whatever you do. But i will talk more about this on a future post.

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