Day 56 – Rule no6, Be damn serious with your job and crazy in your life

Day 56 – Rule no6, Be damn serious with your job and crazy in your life

This is a quote of the richest Greek in the 20th century and one of the richest in the world at that time. Aristotle Onassis, was a controversial personality with -like most hugely rich people- a lot of good and bad things. But he was a philosophical person as well.

One of my favorite books as well was, Zorba the Greek. It has been a famous movie also, with Anthony Quinn as the main actor. He was an amazingly passionate guy, giving all his heart to his job and then giving all his soul on dancing. It is a real life story presented like a masterpiece from my favorite Greek/Cretan author Nikos Kazantzakis.

Being serious with your job and crazy in your life is a really hard thing to master.

I have a lot of friends and i know a lot of people that are really good in their job, but with literally no life. They give all their effort to their job, with close to zero, if not zero personal life and personal time. Leaving the balance they should maintain to fulfill their life in a bad state.

On the other hand i have friends, that their personal life and personal time is the most valuable thing, that they forget to give real focus in their job. One thing i have learnt while i grow up is, that money don’t buy happiness, but they buy a lot of other things. And if you don’t have at least some financial security to protect yourself and your family, it will be really hard to have a steady life at all.

But keeping your focus and giving your heart and soul every single moment to the thing that you are doing at the time, at your job, at your hobbies, at your life in general is a really difficult thing to master. But once done, you can accomplish amazing things and become better every day, hour by hour.

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