Day 55 – Rule no5, Talk less, act more

Day 55 – Rule no5, Talk less, act more

There has been some controversy in the history of philosophy in the past, if action is supporting the theory, or theory is supporting the action. For me the answer is crystal clear inside my mind the last couple of years.

Books are good. But they are kind of useless without action. The theory is great, but without action is just random words in a book. Theory is here to help us make our lives better. But action is here to indeed make it happen.

This is why i believe that action must be in the core area of out thinking. I have been overthinking a lot in the past. Analyzing and analyzing and trying to predict and read and blablah. Only to realize that action has much more “theory” to give you than the theory itself.

I also see a lot of modern teachers of any kind spending a looooot of time in books and teaching. And in the end of the era, the pupils have few on hand experience of how things work. A physician must perform experiments to find out if his theory works. And if he cannot perform them, it will always remain theory.

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