Day 53 – Rule no3, Stay humble, dream big

Day 53 – Rule no3, Stay humble, dream big

There are a lot of successful people around the world. And this is exactly the case you understand the personality and ego of someone: when they feel superior, when they feel “better than the average” how they react with them.

Do they stay humble?

Do they treat everyone as they treated them when they had 5 dollars in their pocket?

Do they forget where they started from?

The most famous Greek basketball player currently, the “Greek freak” is just the perfect example of these, the perfect role model of how to handle success. He started from literally point zero.

He was “a black guy selling CD’s in a neighborhood in Athens. He worked hard, he dreamed the Everest and he conquered it. Two consecutive times MVP of NBA, last year won the first ring in the finals of NBA and yet he remains the humblest person on earth. He talks to everyone, always signs an autograph and gives a hand and a big smile everywhere needed.

And the biggest reason for that, is that he never forgot how he started.

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