Day 50 – The 10 rules of Yolo

Day 50 – The 10 rules of Yolo

Or in other words. How i live my life or at least i try to. My personal bible.

  1. Be grateful
  2. Balance your heart and your logic in your decisions.
  3. Stay humble, dream big
  4. Life is short to be sad, life is big to be like a carnival
  5. Talk less, act more
  6. Be damn serious with your job and crazy in your life
  7. If you to change the world, start from yourself
  8. Do not compare with others
  9. Be present
  10. We are born to be happy, healthy and strong

I will explain these the next days, how they affect me and how they translate them in my life.

Tech enthousiast. In love with movement of any kind. Admiring the simplicity and perfection of dogs.

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