Day 48 – Choosing the right bicycle

Day 48 – Choosing the right bicycle

Is it so important?

Following my post of choosing the right chair, i thought it was a good idea to write another post about choosing the right bicycle. Searching for over a month, reading articles in the internet, watching videos talking with experts and checking the very low availability i finally found my new one!

But during this process, i discovered one even more important thing: The previous two years i had a totally wrong bicycle in terms of sizing!! And this is huge when you are doing rides of 2 and 3 hours for training. My old bicycle has been turn now as an indoor one. And led me good till here. Hopefully without injuries.

Although in my last big race, in a half iron man one, i had a serious back pain after the 60-70km of the race which led me to under-perform in the running part of the triathlon as well, hopefully without leaving any issues behind.

What to choose

When i bought my first bike, my thought process was like: What do i want? A road bicycle. How much money i will invest? Around 500 euro. I found a good price, took a very basic look in sizing and that was it. And… i was totally wrong.

Before two months when i walked into a local bicycle store, asking for bike fit from the technician there, he nearly laughed with my bike size and he literally could not do anything about it, to make it a better fit on me. But other than that, searching for your proper bike size combines different things:

  • what you will be using it? road, trail, mountains, flats or what?
  • what’s your bike position gonna be?
  • are you gonna put bicycle bars in it?
  • do you really care about speed, endurance or comfort? how important is each one for you?

As you can see choosing the right bicycle is not an easy thing. And it really must be done by experts. There are size charts that companies give out there, that give more or less a good sizing, but that might no be enough depending on your needs.

And there comes the bike fit: even if you have the correct size, it will still need adjustments to properly fit your body size and your posture. And this can be done only by experts. I cannot do it. I asked my local shop, where i bought the bicycle from to do it for me.

Only one month after having the new bike and my feeling compared to my old one is so big, that even i use it indoors, i still question myself how i have been riding it, all this time. The difference in the feeling, in how compact i feel and how more in control to it is really big. Not to mention the difference in my back, in my posture and my efficiency as well. So


As i grow up, i have come with this: trust the experts . Either they have to do with where you will host your site, who will take care of your car or where to buy your bicycle and do your bike fit, go to experts. They know far better than you what they are doing, and you will gain your health, money and time going to them.

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