Day 47 – My favorite movies

Day 47 – My favorite movies

Yesterday i wrote about my favorite mini series. Today i am gonna write about my 5 all time favorite movies for different reasons. Here we go!

The Shawshank Redemption

It is no luck the no1 movie in IMDB. This is just a masterpiece. Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins at it’s best. Αn amazing scenario with real life small realities that push you back in your couch. Amazing cinematography and music. The director just did everything perfect.

12 Angry Men

This is literally the best movie ever that has been filmed in one room. Before watching it, i couldn’t imagine myself being captivated so much for 95 minutes by 12 juries discussing in one place. Sounds boring isn’t it? Well that’s what you said.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp fiction is the only movie i ever had a poster in my bedroom. Tarantino is also my favorite director. And this is his diamond. A movie where Travolta, Uma Thurman and Samuel Jackson performed so well, that you feel like Bruce Willis was average. I am sorry that i leave Kill Bill outside, but the dialogues put in this one make it really special. It’s a must see for everyone.


Welcome to Korean Cinema! This scenario is written by the most revolutionary, subversive and sick mind around. The newly known “Parasite” is just a bad copy of this one. This is the original thing. This is where if you realize that scenarios are really impossible to predict if the writer is just in another level of imagination.

Peaceful Warrior

This is not a movie of great scenario, direction or actors. It is just a personal thing. My life changing movie. The one that developed my philosophy in life in many ways. That i was seeing in moments where i was lost in space and gave me some moments of truth. To make me understand that we all have a paradise and hell inside our minds. And what we are feeding, will grow the most.

That’s it!

The selection was brutal. I left a lot behind. But i wanted to make them only 5, to make it difficult and special.

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