Day 44 – Choosing the right chair

Day 44 – Choosing the right chair

Some days ago, we have a had small conversation with some colleagues from the job about the chair to choose. Working from a desk every day can be very painful for your back and your neck. Having a hernia in the neck can make things even worse.

To avoid having short and/or long term issues, when you spent at least 8 hours every day in front of your computer you need to do 3 things:

  1. Maintain a good body position during your work. Lying back, or sitting awry can cause harm. Small details really make big difference, considering the amount we spent there. Shoulders must be relaxed, and there must be no tension in the hand or the fingers.
  2. Maintain a good sleeping position. This is equally important. We spent another 7-8 hours (hopefully) in there and keeping a solid body position without harming our neck/backs will help us maintain also our good sitting position.
  3. Workout. Strengthen your back and the area of your shoulders/neck is extremely helpful for keeping a good posture when working or sleeping. While i have personally been working in several workouts and now can individually work on it, the best kind of exercise i have found to particularly help in this thing is Pilates. If you really struggle with this issue, give it a try. It worths all the time you give to it.

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