Day 38 – Vaccination

Day 38 – Vaccination

Yesterday i have had my 3rd dose of vaccination and today i feel dizzy, tired and sleepy all day. I missed training, a trip i wanted to do and i just want to be in the bed or in the couch.

One thing i have learnt while growing up, is that “it’s ok not to be ok”. I don’t feel bad anymore for taking a day off, relaxing all day along or doing literally nothing useful during my day. Life is ups and downs and we must accept both scenarios to be able to conquer our happiness.

It’s ok not to do anything. If that’s the big exception and not the rule that runs your everyday life. And i know for good, in which side i have decided to be.

Tech enthousiast. In love with movement of any kind. Admiring the simplicity and perfection of dogs.

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