Day 37 – How schools kill creativity

Day 37 – How schools kill creativity

I have been talking lately about the way nearly all education systems around the world, teach the kids. With small exceptions. And there is no better guy to describe the whole idea, and the failure behind it than sir Ken Robinson.

There has been an experiment when they gave a straw to 5-6 years old kids and told them to imagine different ways to use it. On average they found around 60-70. They did the same thing to adult people. On average they found less than 10.

Even Steve Jobs in one of his greatest speeches talked about the importance of learning seemingly meaningful things that can boost your creativity even when it seems you do not need them.

But the whole idea is even different and is deeply connected with my previous post. The society has consciously an hierarchy for all kind of jobs. At the top are mathematics and sciences, after the humanities and at the bottom are the arts.

This has been since the industrial revolution where more organized education systems arised with their main purpose to provide good employees for the time being. While this is not bad, it does not even help it’s purpose. Creativity is a thing required no matter if you work in tech, in humanities or arts. And learning to enrich this capacity rather than destroy it, is a thing that modern educations systems should fairly give another look.

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