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Day 60 – Rule no10, We are born to be happy, healthy and strong

This is something that i first heard of from the Guy, Wim Hof. I had talked about him earlier and his amazing achievements. But this one is really unique. It diversifies the importance of choices, of understanding that however low you can be in your life or in your mental world, we all share the […]


Day 57 – Rule no7, If you to change the world, start from yourself

The original saying from Mahatma Gandhi is “If you want to change the world, start with yourself”. In the days of information we live, it is pretty easy to create the false idea that you will change things around you. Actually if we make a vote, i believe 99% of people will tell you they […]


Day 56 – Rule no6, Be damn serious with your job and crazy in your life

This is a quote of the richest Greek in the 20th century and one of the richest in the world at that time. Aristotle Onassis, was a controversial personality with -like most hugely rich people- a lot of good and bad things. But he was a philosophical person as well. One of my favorite books […]


Day 54 – Rule no4, Life is short to be sad, life is big to be like a carnival

Actually this is part of a Greek song. It is on of the best mainstream/rock Greek bands in the 90s called “Trypes” (Holes). And the song is a simple masterpiece. It gives the simple reality of life. When talking about YOLO, people think it’s about just leaving your life, without caring about anything, or the […]

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Day 53 – Rule no3, Stay humble, dream big

There are a lot of successful people around the world. And this is exactly the case you understand the personality and ego of someone: when they feel superior, when they feel “better than the average” how they react with them. Do they stay humble? Do they treat everyone as they treated them when they had […]

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